Dot ro trends in online marketing

I conducted this study for the first time in Romania in 2013. I wanted to know about the different objectives the marketers seek in the online activities. At the same time, it was somehow a curiosity of mine to know the digital marketing practices and tools used by Romanian marketers to obtain their objectives.

The international landscape of online marketing tools and practices it is such a moving sand, in which the approaches and their specific tools change in a matter of months. Take Facebook for example, and his constantly changes in the tools available to brands and advertiser and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The 2014 story of dot ro in online marketing

In 2013, there where 60 participants in the survey. In 2014 the number of participants has decreased to a total of 40 participants. The results show a slightly change in the objectives selected by the marketers. I’m not going to debate yet on the causes and reasons of the changes.

The DOT .eu trends in online marketing

The show must go on! From the beginning of this project at Mediawrite -The Web Content-Media Agency- I wanted to take the survey across all European Union. The lack of time and resources has putted the project on hold for an unknown period of time…

But it will be truly interesting to see which country in Europe is using e-mail marketing for customer relationship management and which country is using more social media for the same online marketing objective. How it is affecting the launch of a new digital marketing instrument the digital practices across Europe? And so many other interesting facts…

See more details on this project.

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