I’ve been thinking a lot, and very hard, in the last 10 years about content, digital and internet. At this extremely powerful trio… Since 2009, when I thought that the technical challenge of building websites and publishing tools for the content to be distributed to the right audience will be overcome, I’ve had a lot of ideas. One of these ideas was to start the Mediawrite agency – a digital content agency. Most of the ideas I’ve had along the way were oriented towards business, marketing and communications in the digital.

But this fantastic trio: the content, the digital and the internet can do much, much more…

I’ve said to myself at some point in these 10 years that we should all be glad that we live the biggest revolution in the history of literature. That’s why a content network should be build…

Why a content network?

Well… the dream of building an encyclopedia that holds the human knowledge and valuable information is not something new, in the history of mankind there were many attempts. Let’s be clear about it: a content network is an encyclopedia. At least that’s how I see it to be built by Mediawrite agency, and this is one of the properties of this content network.

I’m not going to debate a lot around this idea about the difference between an encyclopedia and a contentpedia. Content holds information, information holds more than knowledge.

How does it work?

The Titled content network is based on a punctuation sign that marks the existence of a title within a certain published page, and by that title there is a piece of content on that page.

The punctuation sign is: ~

The origins of this sign goes back to the Latin „titulus” , meaning „title” or „superscription”. I’m not going to talk a lot about this. It is as simple as: all content is titled.

By placing the title sign in front of a word or group of words on a digital property, published on the open web, you:

  1. Mark the entitlement and existence of a piece of content;
  2. Mark a piece of content that is addressed to the public;
  3. Mark your intention and agreement to be published on the Titled content network.

The three simple principles of the Titled content network:

1. The content network will not try to store the content, but it will be about the aggregation of titles. At the heart of every piece of content sits a title. The Titled content network will store, present and distribute all these headlines in a smart way.

2. The content network proposes a punctuation sign, which is in line with the digital age of the internet, web domains, and website publishing, independent of any authority. By this we maintain a delicate principle of freedom, and also a fundamental right, and very important one, of being recognized as the author of a piece of content.

3. The Titled content network will try to offer knowledge on any topic, on any domain, to every individual, on any known part of the known and unknown world. The Titled content network is not about owning that knowledge but rather about doing a great job in the field of content management.

There are many more other innovative ideas we have regarding this content network @Mediawrite (content agency),  but it would take a lot of time and energy to explain all these concepts,  and this article just intends to announce the upcoming project.

~When the Titled content network will be launched?

Well, Mediawrite agency is a digital content agency.

We can design a content network, but we’re not experts on web technologies and development.

With our current know-how we can launch the project late in 2019, with the capacity to manage and aggregate a few million titles / web pages.

If you like this idea, join the Titled content network as an investor, as a user or as a content author click here.

Publicat de SAMUEL Caraliu

Founder și manager al Mediawrite (prima agenție content digital din .ro) de peste 10 ani. Om cu experiență în 100+ proiecte content marketing. Consultant digital marketing. Avocat în Baroul București. Judecător în timpul liber.

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