It would be a naive step for Mediawrite (a content agency) to start such a daring project with its own financial or technical know-how and resources. But not necessarily: the project is a (very) well thought project and has a lot of innovative approaches that simply eliminates a lot of the headache generated by the technical challenges. logo

The project will start from / with an investment.

Mediawrite is a content agency and will remain a content agency. As a creative agency we can design a content network, but to develop one is something at which we might not be that good after all.


If we will obtain an investment we will increase the chances to build this project / idea / concept at a bigger level. The project aims for the above-the-sky, but fuel is needed to rise above ground.

Titled content network is just one idea out of the big list of other content related initiatives / ideas we’ve had along the way. Like building DOYH a innovative content management system, or the the development of the first website content audit app in Romania (which we did), or the research that revealed the most important quality of content. Even the development of a digital marketing standard – based on content.

Out of all ideas the Titled content network has risen to the level at which we said that it must be done… Even do its not our core stuff as content agency.

How much money does it need to go live?

The content network can go live by the end of 2019 with zero investments. But to do this it would take a lot of 14-16 hours per day work days on our side (as agency). And we’re not that young anymore… Can be done, but we have also content marketing clients and projects for which we work with pleasure – and we’re not interested in abandoning our core main object of activity. Plus the trajectory of the project it would be other and better with an investment.

So the project is open to investments until 01.07.2020.

In Romanian it is said that rush (hurry) hurts the job, and we remain believers of this idea even in a fast moving environment. Our idea is well / long thought. Its a long term project not a digital behavior trendish one. It’s technological trend independent. Even more, has a future necessities approach in the current development of the internet/digital standards, and also a strong approach to the user / human behavior general issue.

But enough with the writing.

Take a look at our 25 slides presentation(under 500 total words) of the project, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have other questions.

Publicat de SAMUEL Caraliu

Founder și manager al Mediawrite (prima agenție content digital din .ro) de peste 10 ani. Om cu experiență în 100+ proiecte content marketing. Consultant digital marketing. Avocat în Baroul București. Judecător în timpul liber.

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